A go library for interfacing with InfiniTime firmware over BLE on Linux.
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This is a go library for interfacing with InfiniTime firmware over BLE on Linux.

Go Reference


This library's import path is go.arsenm.dev/infinitime.


This library requires dbus, bluez, and pactl to function. These allow the library to use bluetooth, control media, control volume, etc.


sudo pacman -S dbus bluez libpulse --needed


sudo apt install dbus bluez pulseaudio-utils


sudo dnf install dbus bluez pulseaudio-utils


This library currently supports the following features:

  • Notifications
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Setting time
  • Battery level
  • Music control
  • OTA firmware upgrades
  • Navigation


The DFU process used in this library was created with the help of siglo's source code. Specifically, this file: ble_dfu.py