Wrapper written in Go designed for package managers to unify software management commands between distros
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package main
import (
// Print help screen
1 year ago
func printHelpMessage(packageManagerCommand, rootCommand string, commands, shortcuts map[string]string, useRoot, isOverridden bool) {
fmt.Println("Arsen Musayelyan's Package Manager Wrapper")
fmt.Print("Current package manager is: ", packageManagerCommand)
if isOverridden {
fmt.Println(" (overridden)")
} else {
if useRoot {
fmt.Println("Using root with command:", rootCommand)
} else {
fmt.Println("Not using root")
fmt.Println("Usage: pak <command> [package]")
fmt.Println("Example: pak in hello")
fmt.Println("The available commands are:")
for command, mapping := range commands {
fmt.Println(command+":", mapping)
fmt.Println("The available shortcuts are:")
for shortcut, mapping := range shortcuts {
fmt.Println(shortcut+":", mapping)
fmt.Println("The available flags are:")
fmt.Println("--help, -h: Shows this help screen")
fmt.Println("--root, -r: Bypasses root user check")
fmt.Println("Pak uses a string distance algorithm, so `pak in` is valid as is `pak inst` or `pak install`")