Lightweight, modular RPC framework
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A lightweight RPC framework that aims to be as easy to use as possible, while also being as lightweight as possible. Most current RPC frameworks are bloated to the point of adding 7MB to my binary, like RPCX. That is what prompted me to create this.


This RPC framework supports creating channels to transfer data from server to client. My use-case for this is to implement watch functions and transfer progress in ITD, but it can be useful for many things.


When creating a server or client, a CodecFunc can be provided. An io.ReadWriter is passed into the CodecFunc and it returns a Codec, which is an interface that contains encode and decode functions with the same signature as json.Decoder.Decode() and json.Encoder.Encode().

This allows any codec to be used for the transfer of the data, making it easy to create clients in different languages.