• Stable v0.0.5 d318c584da

    Version 0.0.5

    Arsen6331 released this 2 months ago | 45 commits to master since this release

    I would like to start by saying that I have not released in a while because of mental health issues I was having that prevented me from working on this project. I am better now and hope to work on this more actively.

    This release adds a lot of stuff.

    First of all, there is now support for whitelisting MAC addresses of particular watches. This will ensure that ITD always connects to the correct watch(es).

    Second, this release contains everything that was added to InfiniTime since 1.8.0.

    It adds both the new BLE Filesystem API and the BLE Weather API. While there is no way to view the weather data from InfiniTime yet, ITD updates the data every hour, so it will be ready when that is added.

    This release also changes the behavior of ITD so that rather than removing the device when too many disconnects occur, it logs the occurrence so that the user may decide whether they want to remove the device. This fixes issue #10.

    Also, this is the first release which contains commits made by other contributors. These commits add the Romanian language and some more emoticons to the translit package. I'd like to thank @eugenr and @earboxer for their contributions.

    Overall, this is a very big release, and I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me, both by contributing, and otherwise.

    Edit: It has been brought to my attention that there was a typo in my README and in the code. I misspelled "Czech" as "Czeck". This has been fixed. The fix will come out in the next release as I cannot add to this one, so for now, use the misspelled version in the config if you need it.

  • Stable v0.0.4 552f19676b

    Version 0.0.4

    Arsen6331 released this 8 months ago | 103 commits to master since this release

    This release changes many things.

    First of all, I have figured out the issues with DFU. It turns out InfiniTime was sending responses a few milliseconds before I started waiting for them, causing itd to miss them. This release fixes that issue.

    Second, I have implemented the motion service coming in InfiniTime 1.7.0. This feature is not out yet in InfiniTime, so you will need to load a 1.7.0 test build on your PineTime to use it until 1.7.0 is released.

    There is now more comprehensive itd documentation at https://itd.arsenm.dev.

    The socket API was improved in this release and is now documented at https://itd.arsenm.dev/socket/.

    An API package was added to itd and both itctl and itgui were updated to use it. This means itgui can now work with only one socket connection, rather than at least two as it used before. It also makes it much easier to maintain as a change in the api package applies to both itctl and itgui.

    itctl now has the ability to watch values such as heart rate, battery level, step count, and motion. For example, itctl watch motion will keep printing the motion values continuously.

  • Stable v0.0.3 01bf493c77

    Version 0.0.3

    Arsen6331 released this 9 months ago | 137 commits to master since this release

    This version adds transliteration for PineTime notifications. The following transliterators are available:

    • eASCII
    • Scandinavian
    • German
    • Hebrew
    • Greek
    • Russian
    • Ukranian
    • Arabic
    • Farsi
    • Polish
    • Lithuanian
    • Estonian
    • Icelandic
    • Czeck
    • French
    • Armenian
    • Korean
    • Chinese
    • Emoji

    Many of these were translated from GadgetBridge's code. Specifically from the following files:

    I have also added language-specific maps to allow for the same letters to be transliterated differently for each language, and adapted GadgetBridge's code accordingly.

  • Stable v0.0.2 b186f77bea

    Version 0.0.2

    Arsen6331 released this 10 months ago | 155 commits to master since this release

    This release does not contain any new features, just some bug fixes:

    • Disable cobra completion command (itctl)
    • Use pair timeout option (itd)
    • Fix issue where PineTime would not connect if not connected soon after starting. (itd)
  • Stable v0.0.1 4847eee540

    Version 0.0.1

    Arsen6331 released this 10 months ago | 165 commits to master since this release

    This is the initial release of the project.

    It implements the most important functionality, but likely contains bugs and missing features.